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    by Haldago Bay

    A rescue person just can't go wrong
    When helping that critter that "doesn't belong."
    You see in their eyes that they really are sweet
    To be given a such a BIG treat.
    Despair and loneliness may lurk in their eyes
    Your gentle hand, is hope in disguise
    "Hope springs eternal," yes, that's what they say
    Give a rescue a home, and its true on that day!!!!

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All dogs are purebred and spayed or neutered (without papers) unless otherwise stated.
For dogs without pictures on this page, click on the dog's name to view his or her picture.



Our Austin Texas branch has a new web site...
To see dogs in Texas and to find out how to adopt Molly,
CLICK HERE or call 512-750-7568




Petey is a cute black and white APBT male. HE is very small ~35 lbs & is about 1 yo. He loves people and is good with most dogs. Please contact Sue in Austin, TX or call 512-585-PAWS or visit there web site to see a picture of Petey, CLICK HERE.



Eliza is a 50lb, 22 month old, black female APBT mix. She is very loving and needs a home where she is the only dog in the family. She likes cats. Eliza is house trained, crate trained and knows basic obedience. Please contact Julie or call 817-690-3677.



Foster is a 1 yo brindle APBT female. She is very loving and likes to play with other dogs. Please contact Jim in Austin, TX. Jim also has a list of dogs available through the Williamson CTY Humane Society.



If you would like to adopt a rescued dog but don't see one you are interested in on this web page or our DOGS in Texas, please contact us and give us an idea of what you are looking for. The Austin Texas branch of the CHAKO Rescue Association has a list of many dogs and puppies who are not on the web page. Please call 512-750-7568 or contact Julia.

We can probably find a dog for you since there are so many wonderful APBTs in need of a new home. In the Austin Tx area alone, 100-200 pets are euthanized every day simply because there are not enough homes for all the animals. Many shelters around the country automatically euthanize all ABPTs and APBT mixes. Please help by spaying or neutering your pets. Every puppy born means there is one more killed in a shelter.

Would you like to post info on APBT dogs/puppies that need homes?

We have decided to try to use this format to raise money for the rescue dogs. If you have an APBT or a litter of pups that you'd like us to post here, please send us all the info (including a .gif or .jpg if you like) along with $30. Every cent of your money goes toward rescued APBTs under our care.

If you don't find a dog that suits your needs here, check out our Adoption Board. You may also use the adoption board to post dogs that need homes (free).



1851 Donax Ave
San Diego, CA 92154



The Chako Rescue Association almost always charges an adoption fee that is less than the cost to care for the dog (including veterinarian fees). We cannot work alone. We need people to help us. If you would like to send us a donation, become a member, or sponsor a dog, please let us know. For the cost of two large pizzas, you can become a member. Also, for breeders, if you donate the money from the sale of one of your puppies, you not only become a member and help us fight against breed specific legislation, but you get public recognition on one of our web pages.



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