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Why All The Fuss?

Each day brings with it new surprises, and the attitudes some people have about the American Pit Bull Terrier never cease to surprise me. Below you will find a collection of both hostile and applauding e-mails we've received since forming the rescue organization.
I'd be happy to 'rescue' as many abused, never should have been born,out-of-control pit-bulls as you want. I've got one .45 ACP PolicePositive round for each. And if the first one doesn't do it I'vegot more.
    - Mark "survivor of a neighbor with pit-bulls" Montgomery
    (Posted on a newsgroup in response to our post announcing the rescue organization)

I can understand your anger at having "survived" the neighbor, but I think I'd place more blame on the neighbor than the dog. There was a time when American Staffordshire Terriers (pitt bulls) were a treasured household pet. Petey, of the 'lil Rascals, the RCA dog, and the dog in the old Buster Brown shoe ads were all pitt bulls. They are a very strong animal, and therefore somewhat dangerous. You can probably blame competitive breeding for their demise. If someone locked YOU in a pen, beat you fairly regularly, and fed you only when you showed the "proper visciousness," you'd likely turn a little mean too.

    - Olin
    (a posted response to Mark's statements above)

Thank you for making all this information available on APBTs. The public really needs to get educated that dogs are living beings, not just a trophy, a decoration, a status symbol or whim of the moment. "PB's" require a lot of intelligent interaction with their owners, and unfortunately a lot of ignorant people think they "want" this particular breed -- often for the worst reasons -- but fail miserably to provide what the animal needs.

I happen to be a Greyhound owner & advocate for an end to dog racing. But my dog-sitter owns a rescued APBT . From talking with my dog-sitter, I am now convinced of 2 things: (a) that "PBs" are incredibly smart -- smarter possibly than Jack Russell's! and also (b) that the mind-set of "PB" abusers is a lot like that of people in the Greyhound "racing" industry.


Hi Dawn

I just want to say thank god there are people like you in this world that love and protect animals of the world.  My husband is a police officer in Harlem in NYC, and everyday he sees the horrible abuses that Pit Bulls have to endure.  Everyday dozens more are brought into the shelter that is on his beat and put to death on sight.  Some of these poor creatures are in such bad shape from being used as bait that they are actually better off sometimes.  I have kissed many a pit bull on the nose and I know it is never a dog's fault if it is vicious it is the owner's fault.  I have two bull terriers myself and people are constantly attacking me and throwing things at me - last week I had a nutty woman follow me for 45 minutes spitting on me while I waited for the police.  Her reason my dogs were vicious pit bulls or so she claimed. People often scream at me yelling pit bulls pit bulls!! THis is while they are on lead and going to attack no one.  The most they would do is lick people to death!  I never correct anyone in saying these are not pit bulls - I feel that all "Bull"  breeds are getting a bad rap.  I try to educate as many people as I can - but some people are just beyond reasoning. Sometimes I hate people, I REALLY REALLY hate them.  ANd then I remind myself there are others in this world that protect our animal friends.  Keep up all the good work, and again thank God for people like you.


We received this e-mail after posting a message to a newsgroup asking people to check out our web page for adoption information on an American Pit Bull Terrier:

Kill it, before it kills someone... apparently you cannot read, the nypd is facing an epidemic of pit bull population in nyc due to the druggers and criminals who use pit bulls to guard their crimes... read the news, pit bulls are useless to humans... over 60% of the gunfire by nypd is against attacking pit bulls... get real, i once had a cat attacked and killed by a "pet" pit bull and it took about 5 seconds to leave a mass of blood and guts in my hands, which was a russian blue kitten... satan, go to hell, in the name and blood of JESUS...



I was delighted to read about your organization and wish there was something similar in the area of Canada in which I live.  I own two American Staffordshire Terriers, which are the best dogs I have ever owned.  Some sectors of the public in Canada are no better informed than they are in the U.S. about these wonderful dogs and I have had people run out into heavy traffic rather than pass my dogs on the sidewalk when I am out walking with them.  However, other members of the public often make up for this stupidity when complete strangers come to me to marvel at how beautiful my two girls are and to pet them.  Both of my dogs are very well socialized and love people, particularly children.

Keep up the good work.  If I was nearer to you, I'd join.

    -Catherine E. Fox

These dogs and all other dogs that have been breed to kill should be abolished. Just one child injuired by these wonderfull creatures of yours, justifies the end of ownership of these dogs by anyone. The day your dog returns to its breeding and bites someone badly, will be the day you realize the error of you ways. Please save your comments for somone else. I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!


Hi, Dawn.
I found your site and was happy to hear that an organization such as yours exists. I agree with the statement regarding the character and temeperament of the breed. I own two German shepherd dogs, and attribute the bite ranking of GSDs with Cockers and Chows to poor breeding. I just returned from Europe where the opinion of American dogs is very poor for just this reason.) One of mine is a sweet but very inbred GSD. My former boss owned an APBT, and she was a sweetheart.....except when it came to other dogs. They had to adopt out their 4 yr old male APBT when the 8 week old pup took over the house! :)
I am located in the northern Virginia/ Wash. DC area, and am interested in helping rescue APBTs. Washington D.C. is one of the anti-APBT localities, one in which the most vicious creatures (humans) hold the lives of such animals in contempt, at best.


I would love information on your organization. My wife and I are proud to say that our Pitty is the most loving dog that I have ever owned. We own a shepard,a sheepdog,and also a Basset Hound,they are all great friends,not to mention our 5 cats. As I am sending this my Pitty (PEANUT) is busy licking my arm.


I just visited your site. It is wonderful. I think it's absolutely great what you are doing for the APBT. I own a pit/shepherd, and a purbred pit. Both are rescued. Brandi (the female) is one of the greatest dogs that I have ever owned. She is very protective (I'm guessing from her past and the German Shepherd) But other than that she is great. Benny (the male) Is also wonderful. He's extremely laid back, and he loves everyone. Well, everyone that is, excluding my cat. I just wanted to write and say to keep up the good work. And to all those people who think that the pit bull is a killing machine- hopfully someday, you'll come around. Because it's people like you that are making this terrific breed banned in some parts of the country.
Sincerely, Rebeccca
P.S. I have sent a picture of my beloved pets. Brandi is in the back and Benny is the one in the foreground.