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Note: This is a web version of our contract. If you download it, modify it with your information, not ours. Also, the bottom of each page should have the adoptive owners signature as well as the page number and total number of pages (ex: Page 1 of 3).

ADOPTION AGREEMENT for a Rescued American Pit Bull Terrier
The Chako Rescue Association for the American Pit Bull Terrier, Inc. (CRA)

1. You, the adoptive owner, agree to adopt a male/female APBT aged approx _______________,
color: ____________________, with the call name ________________________.    Microchip Implant Number (if applicable): _________________________

2. You agree to donate $_________________ to the Chako Rescue Association (CRA) for this adoption.

3. Rescue will not place a dog it knows to have an unsound temperament. However, no one can predict how any dog will react in a given situation, especially without complete knowledge of its life experiences. Therefore, adoptive owners are strongly urged to exercise caution and prudence in introducing the dog into a new situation until the dog has become fully adjusted to its new environment, and the adoptive owner has become familiar with the dog's personality.

4. No APBT will be placed in a new home which does not provide adequate containment of the dog. Most CRA APBTs will have a microchip implant, and the CRA will be listed as a contact should the dog ever be taken into custody. Apartment dwellers must agree to always walk the dog on a leash. Basically, American Pit Bull Terriers are best kept as indoor/outdoor dogs in close companionship with their families. They should also be in a home where they will be sleeping in the home or outside under proper shelter. APBTs should not be kept outside in extreme temperatures.  Exercise caution when introducing APBTs to other animals, including other dogs because this breed IN GENERAL has a tendency to be dog-aggressive.

5. Adoptive owners must be prepared to demonstrate their ability and willingness to provide proper food, medical care, and a loving, safe, healthy environment for the adopted APBT. Adoptive Owners may not fight the APBT. Adoptive owners who have been found to fight dogs shall pay The Chako Rescue $2,000 in restitution. Such owners shall not retain custody of dog.

6. The ownership and responsibility for the adopted APBT belongs solely to the adoptive owners. However, if for some valid reason the adoption does not work to the advantage of the new owner and the dog, the Chako Rescue Association must be contacted and given the option of reacquiring the APBT before any further placement. The adoptive owner shall not transfer ownership of the APBT unless the Chako Rescue elects not to exercise this option with 14 days. If the APBT is ever placed in the custody of authorities (state or local) the adoptive owners must pay any and all fines to reclaim the dog within 3 days of being notified of its impoundment. Failure to do so constitutes a breach of this contract.

7. Each prospective adoptive home may be visited by a CRA member to evaluate its qualifications. Such visits may include surprise inspections of the adopted home (dog must appear to be properly cared for with no physical or implied evidence of abuse/fighting).

8.  The Chako Rescue Association may take the dog into custody within 200 days after adoption if, upon inspection, the dog appears to be abused, neglected, or fought. In such an event, the adoption fee will not be refunded.

9. Dogs are living creatures, not manufactured products, and, as such, they are not "designed for a particular purpose." The Chako Rescue Association makes no representations or warranties regarding the temperament or physical condition of any adoptive American Pit Bull Terrier. All warranties, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, where they are applicable, are hereby specifically disclaimed.  Dogs are subject to virtually an infinite number of unpredictable and unknown variables, such as genetic and developmental factors, that lay outside of the control of rescuers and, as such, the CRA places these dogs in new homes on the condition that the new owners understand that dogs are living beings, subject to unpredictability and genetic factors that influence their health, behavior, temperament, intelligence, etc.

10. RELEASE OF LIABILITY: You, the adoptive owner, assume full responsibility of the dog. The Chako Rescue Association shall not be responsible for any bodily injuries or property damage, including injury to other animals, caused by any adopted APBT or by the actions of its adoptive owners. The adoptive owner hereby specifically assumes sole responsibility for, and agrees to hold the Chako Rescue Association harmless from, any and all loss and expenses (including legal fees as they become due) by reason of liability imposed by law upon Chako Rescue Association, or any of its officers and members because of bodily injuries or death to any person or persons including the adoptive owners, or any damage to property arising out of or in consequence of the placement of the APBT, howsoever such injuries, death or damage to property may be caused, whether or not the same may have been caused, or may be alleged to have been accused, by negligence of the aforementioned parties or any of their employees, agents or members, or any other person.  In other words, you are solely responsible if the dog bites another person or otherwise causes any kind of damage to you, your family, or any person, third party, animal, or property and you agree not to sue us or institute any other actions such as arbitration against us for such damage. If a third party sues us because of damage caused by the dog we placed with you, you indemnify us by paying all costs we incur, including legal fees and judgments, as they become due.

11. ARBITRATION: Should any dispute arise between you, the adoptive owner, and the CRA not otherwise disclaimed in this contract, you agree to arbitration. By agreeing to arbitration you give up your right to a jury trial and agree to have our dispute resolved by a mediator agreeable to both parties (i.e., you and the CRA) instead of by a court of law. Arbitration is cheaper and faster than a lawsuit, and the interests of both parties are served by agreeing to this highly efficient method of dispute resolution. The CRA will not unreasonably refuse approval of an arbitrator. If you unreasonably refuse approval of an arbitrator, you give up your right to institute any kind of action against the CRA or its agents.

12. The adoptive owner(s) must inform the CRA of changes in their address or phone number within 15 days of such change.

13. If the adoptive owner(s) violate any aspect of this contract (especially in regards to abuse or transfer of ownership), such owners will be liable to the CRA for $100, except where otherwise stated in this contract. In addition, the adoptive owner(s) must pay any and all expenses incurred by the CRA due to such violation (such as shelter fees). Under such circumstances, the CRA may reclaim custody of the dog without compensation to the adoptive owner(s) regardless of how long the APBT has been in the custody of the adoptive owner(s).

14. This agreement is fully integrated and stands complete, superceding and negating any prior oral or written agreements that may have been made between the adoptive parent(s) and the CRA.

15. I grant permission for the CRA (Dawn Capp) to obtain information on me from the animal shelter/police agencies. I have read the preceding and agree to the conditions set forth this_________ day of____________, year:___________.

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