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APBT Facts
San Francisco SPCA. They have a great program for the Pit Bull. List of APBT/AST Rescue Groups Great List of Rescues for all Breeds! Do a FIND in the EDIT bar for your breed. APBT Rescue Railroad Classified Page Breeders Gallery
Clubs Index Rescue Index Health Info Chat Page The APBT and AST Picture Gallery Rescue Listing: dogs needing homes Bulletin Board
Article Archives Pet Products Animal Home - Advertise or Buy a Pet Pit Bull Rescue Central Starting a Purebred Rescue Dogs and Cats APBT Connections
The Little
National American Pit Bull Terrier Association

Incl. info on legislation
Microchip ID
The AKC The Dog Zone
Don't Shoot the Dog!
Good training tips.
Pet Classifieds French Bulldogs by Bullmarket Canine Legislation Page

Check out their links!
List of states with breed-specific legislation Read the story of one heroic APBT! HISTORIC APBT Pictures