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Log of "Persecuted Breeds and Breed-Specific Legislation" chat or talkcity irc server #underdogs
DATE of chat: 2/21/99 Sunday 6 pm pacific time  (ended: 8:20 pacific time)

<RaeOK> hello, Dawn
<DawnMC> Hello. Y'all are early :-)
<JustinAPBT> hi
<RaeOK> :)  it's worth it!
<DawnMC> LOL. Glad you think so ;-) How are you both tonight?
<JustinAPBT> about you?
<RaeOK> doing good so far...  :)
<DawnMC> Good. enjoying the weekend
<RaeOK> i'm really pleased with all you do for pitbulls
<JustinAPBT> I just got back from NJ...visiting my kids and grandson
<DawnMC> Thanks, Rae... Justin, how was NJ... I've got family there.
<JustinAPBT> Cold...LOL

<JustinAPBT> This is Carol.
<DawnMC> I'll bet. It's sunny here
<DawnMC> Ah, nice to put a name to it
<RaeOK> have you had a large response about ones who will join us tonight?
<DawnMC> I actually have NO idea how many people will show up tonight.
<JustinAPBT> I couldn't remember what the time difference was so I came to check early & see
if anybody was here.
<DawnMC> 3 hours btwn here and east coast - 2 hours btwn here and TX, 1 hour btwn here and
New Mexico
<RaeOK> i'm anxious for everyone to get here now....  :)
<DawnMC> LOL. Me too, but there's still about 25 mins to go. *sigh*
<DawnMC> how was everyone's weekend?
<RaeOK> mine was spent with my 3 girls...  noisy, but great!
<DawnMC> LOL. Sounds like a lot of fun. Mine's been good so far. Yesterday was exhausting,
today pretty quiet :-)
<RaeOK> that's the way it's supposed to be...  hectic Sat....  restful Sun.
<DawnMC> Yep... time to recuperate for Monday :::::shiver::::::
<RaeOK> -)

<DawnMC> Have either of you had time to read any of the stuff on the new "library" page?
<RaeOK> i haven't done so yet...
<JustinAPBT> not yet
<DawnMC> Well, I highly recommend the two law reviews - pretty easy to read, but they are
totally opposite when it comes to Pit Bulls and BSL. One is outrageous, the other fairly reasonable,
with some minor errors
<RaeOK> i will most definitely be going over it all soon.
<DawnMC> I had trouble stomaching the second one - had a quote from a supposed breeder
saying that "these dogs growl at you at 3 days old. I've never known any other dog to do that."
<JustinAPBT> that's a bunch of crap.
<RaeOK> it's difficult to comment on things like that because i get too upset.  he's an idiot.
<JustinAPBT> But most of what's said about these dogs is.
<RaeOK> that's very true
<RaeOK> and the quickest way for someone to start an argument with me
<JustinAPBT> When did you make the library page.
<JustinAPBT> It looks interesting.

<DawnMC> library page is very recent - last week or so
<JustinAPBT> I just opened another browser to look at it.
<DawnMC> I hope to be adding more articles soon, so if you see any you think would be good
there, send them my way :-)
<JustinAPBT> Are those from law books or did you find them on the net?
<DawnMC> those are law reviews, which are the law journals of various law schools, found in
law libraries or legal databases.
<DawnMC> the cases are from the same... the other misc stuff is from various places
<JustinAPBT> Are you typing all those yourself or do you access them from somewhere you can
copy them?
<JustinAPBT> hi addie :-)

<DawnMC> Hi addie!
<`addiemae> ta daaaaaaaaaaa
<`addiemae> duhhhh
<DawnMC> howdy! :-)

<`addiemae> I been sitting in underdog for 40 minutes

<`addiemae> hiya everyone
<DawnMC> Don't tell me I put the wrong stupid name for the IRC channel?
<`addiemae> ok .... i wont tell you
<JustinAPBT> lol
<RaeOK> )
<`addiemae> you forgot the "s"
<JustinAPBT> I got to this one cause I went through the website
<`addiemae> I cut n pasted it so I wouldnt screw up

<DawnMC> Duh! *blush* I don't access it via IRC so I wasn't sure if it was Underdog or
Underdogs.... darn, I hope a whole bunch of other people don't go the IRC route and sit in the wrong room
<`addiemae> thats what I did after sitting there so long
<`addiemae> nobody else is there
<DawnMC> Whew! Good
<`addiemae> I am in both
<`addiemae> I will stay in that room to direct others to here
<DawnMC> Oh that is kind of you. Thanks...
<`addiemae> I made the topic " go to #underdogs" too
<`addiemae> lol
<DawnMC> I've done IRC once or twice, but don't even have the program on my computer
<`addiemae> I like it ... I find it much easier to operate.
<`addiemae> probably cuz I am used to it
<`addiemae> Hows that book coming dawn?
<`addiemae> was it you I sent pics too?
* `addiemae is so forgetful
<DawnMC> LOL! Oh the book. The book *sigh* Yes, you did send the pics and Yep I still have
them and the book is completed but there was a snag with the first publisher and I'm waiting for the
"changing of hands" (old guy out, new guy in)... I'm looking into other publishers now. It's tough,
but keep your fingers crossed

<JustinAPBT> I went through the website because I'm on my Mom's computer and I don't have
the other software installed here.
<DawnMC> did you find the website easy enough to access?
<`addiemae> took me a while to pick a nickname
<`addiemae> brb
<JustinAPBT> Yes. But I'm on the newer computer's now with Netscape Communicator.
<DawnMC> Yes, I'm also using Communicator, and it's pretty easy for me with the JAVA version
<JustinAPBT> I had trouble with it on my old computer with windows 3.1
<DawnMC> Did anyone here listen to the Stratton Interview on "Sit Means Sit"?
<RaeOK> no
<JustinAPBT> No. Was it good?
<DawnMC> Pretty good, but too short to get into depth
<RaeOK> that's better than usual, then....  good
<JustinAPBT> It's funny that I got home & saw your email about the chat.
<DawnMC> glad you could make it :-)
<DawnMC> Hello, Sonnet
<sonnet9> Hi Dawn, good to see you!
<RaeOK> hi, Sonnet9
<sonnet9> hi Rae  :)
<sonnet9> hi Justin
<JustinAPBT> Hi

<sonnet9> Dawn, did Julia tell you she placed two dogs yesterday?
<JustinAPBT> hi
<sonnet9> hi addie
<DawnMC> No, she didn't tell me! i guess I'll be hearing from her soon, then :-) That's good
<sonnet9> A couple drove 9 hours from Tulsa to get Sandi, and they are just perfect!!!  :)
<sonnet9> they are also going to fight BSL since they euthanize all Pits at the Tulsa shelter
<`addiemae> hi sonnet
<DawnMC> Great... It's so hard to find good homes for these dogs.... good to have some folks
on the anti-BSL bandwagon, too
<JustinAPBT> hi sonnet
<sonnet9> Hello addiemae and Justin!
<JustinAPBT> Is what I'm saying coming through?
<DawnMC> Yep. Read ya loud and clear JUSTIN :-)
<JustinAPBT> That's odd, I can't see what I'm typing.
<DawnMC> You should... weird... well, I see it :-)
<RaeOK> you might try re-loading
<DawnMC> Addie? you back?
<`addiemae> I am
<`addiemae> had to take the twins out
<`addiemae> maggie is still leash walking
<`addiemae> hi johanna
<`addiemae> :-)
<DawnMC> Hi Jahannabarry .... get kicked off Sonnet? :-)
<DawnMC> Say hi to the twins for me, Addie! How are they doing?
<`addiemae> she had knee surgery 3 weeks ago tomorrow
* JustinAPBT
<sonnet9> sorry about that!  I adjusted my screen size and everything froze up
<DawnMC> How's she doing?
<`addiemae> molly is doing ok too..... I havent has the nerve to have another ultrasound done

<`addiemae> maggies is doing just great
<`addiemae> she survived!  That was my biggest fear
<DawnMC> I know how that is. I've gotten kicked off myself before, so if I disappear, forgive me
<DawnMC> They are still together, Addie, and I really hope things continue okay for a long while
<`addiemae> everything is great
<DawnMC> Great :-) I love looking at their pictures. They seem like such happy dogs!
<`addiemae> they are still very much in love
<DawnMC> spoiled rotten *grin*
<`addiemae> they are :-)
<`addiemae> they always kiss each other
<`addiemae> still sleep like spoons
<DawnMC> Hello ocpet
<`addiemae> it has worked out very well..... no incidents
<`addiemae> hi ocpet
<ocpet> Hi. It's Carol.
<`addiemae> lol.... hi carol
<DawnMC> Hi! Problems, Carol?
<sonnet9> Dawn, I looked up Texas state law regarding animal control, and it said that towns
can put their own restrictions as long as they are NOT breed specific.   If that is true, then it would be
against TX state law to ban Pits?
<sonnet9> hi ocpet!
<ocpet> I changed the nickname. I think I accidently set myself to ignore myelf. ;-)
<DawnMC> You know, I don't *think* it's against TX state law to ban the breed. In fact, I thought
Tenaha had a BS law on its books, but that might be old info
<DawnMC> ocpet... LOL

<DawnMC> Hello APBT4ever
<`addiemae> hi apbt4ever
<ocpet> I heard that NJ doesn't allow breed specific laws either but there are towns listed on the
breed specific site that have them.
<APBT4ever> I couldn't get another name through
<RaeOK> hi, APBT4ever
<ocpet> Hi.
<APBT4ever> HI
<`addiemae> the town I grew up in has a ban on pits
<APBT4ever> Did I miss a lot
<DawnMC> Hey caden!
<`addiemae> my sluggo was grandfathered in
<DawnMC> Not too much mised thust far
<DawnMC> where was that, Addie?
<`addiemae> used to take him in to get his liscence each year
<APBT4ever> Good
<`addiemae> winthrop massachusetts
<caden1> hello dawn
<DawnMC> Hello, Caden? HOw are you?
<sonnet9> hmmm...  I was curious about it and found the ordinance on the internet.  It was last
updated in 1997 but what I read seemed to mean that BSL was in contradiction to state law.  I left
the prinout at work, but as soon as I find it, I'll tell you exactly what it says.
<ocpet> I'm going to have to look into whether it's true that NJ doesn't allow breed specific.
<`addiemae> hiya caden
<DawnMC> Thanks, Sonnet. It is hard to keep up to date on all the BSL changes
<caden1> fine, whats goin on

<`addiemae> this was in the early 80s
<sonnet9> Dawn: absolutely!   :)
<APBT4ever> I have a question...if you got an APBT and then found out there was a ban would
you give them up?  My response .....not for all the money in the world!!!
<DawnMC> is there still a ban in Winthrop?
<`addiemae> yes there is
<DawnMC> Graci, Sonnet :-)
<ocpet> I'd move before I would give up Justin.
<`addiemae> you still see pits around though
<`addiemae> must all be registered as boxer mixes
<sonnet9> I would never give up my dog!  I would sell my house and move.  They'd have to kill
me to take her!
<DawnMC> Hello JOHN
<`addiemae> my moms friend just took in a rescue and thats how she registered it
<`addiemae> hi john
<APBT4ever> Yeah, that's the same response I would have
<DawnMC> I feel the same way
<`addiemae> so wouls i sionnet
<J_O_H_N_> hey
<J_O_H_N_> all!
<sonnet9> Our dogs are just like our children, right?  :)
<sonnet9> Hello John!
<J_O_H_N_> yes
<`addiemae> mine are
<ocpet> Mine are.
<J_O_H_N_> H sonnet9
<`addiemae> tha twinnies
<DawnMC> LOL. Right. and I whip out the pictures all the time to prove it. :-)
<`addiemae> geepers your nick is LOUD john ....lmao
<J_O_H_N_> Anyone wanna see a picture of my Chihuaua???
<J_O_H_N_> LOL
<DawnMC> of course, pics are always good. Got a URL?
<sonnet9> Me too!!!   HA HA HA  My dad even has a picture of me, my hubby and Celeste, and he
says "there's my grand-daughter"!
<ocpet> I have to call and check the towns I'm considering moving to in NJ.
<`addiemae> my mom calls them granddoggies
<J_O_H_N_> no?sorry?but i can email it to you DawnMC
<DawnMC> that's a good idea, ocpet... always a good idea
<DawnMC> Sure, John!
<APBT4ever> I believe you reach a level of companionship with these dogs that can't be
described.  They know when you're sad....and they tolerate you when your not at your best!
<ocpet> My Mom too...LOL
<sonnet9> Ocpet: Mount Olive NJ is very Pit friendly
<`addiemae> hi bullwrinkle
<DawnMC> hi bullwrinkle. How are you?
<J_O_H_N_> Whats your E-mail Address DawnMC?
<`addiemae> so true apbt
<ocpet> I'm looking around the Jamesburg area.
<FROM J_O_H_N_> ok?brb
<sonnet9> Mount Olive's animal control officer has a Pit, and a council member's daughther
also has Pit Bulls
<sonnet9> Is that far?
<DawnMC> wow, that is pit friendly! *grin*
<`addiemae> our ac has pits too
<ocpet> Sounds like a good pit friendly place to me :-)
<APBT4ever> Yeah, what state is that again?
<`addiemae> and a bunch of other animals as well
<sonnet9> New Jersey
<APBT4ever> Cool
<`addiemae> I got a new route in woburn mass.... I think pits are the "in thing" now.... they are
everywhere you turn
<FROM J_O_H_N_> I sent it!
<J_O_H_N_> hehe
<DawnMC> thanks john... I'll check
<J_O_H_N_> ok
<ocpet> I've seen them around Jamesburg, but that doesn't always mean they're welcome there.

<APBT4ever> Dawn, the issue of the media and their use of the name of 'pit bulls' which only
affects the American Pit Bull Terrier because they have 'pit bull' in their name.....Is there something
that can be done?
<`addiemae> hi pass
<Pass15> hello
<J_O_H_N_> hi
<`addiemae> hi rae
<ocpet> brb...the dogs want to go out.
<`addiemae> been there
<`addiemae> lol
<DawnMC> I can't see the pic, John :-( It's in a format my machine won't read
<`addiemae> it's freeeezing out
<DawnMC> APBT4EVER, sorry for the delay, I just got your question
<Pass15> whats this all about
<FROM J_O_H_N_> Can i give you a URL?
<DawnMC> Unfortunately, the media is a big part of the problem
<DawnMC> Sure, John
<`addiemae> hi stone
<DawnMC> Pass, this is about Pit Bulls and BSL - and feel free to discuss any of the articles on
the library page, or any of the interviews on SIT MEANS SIT.... or just about anything :-)
<stone562> Hello Folks!!!!!
<DawnMC> Hi stone!
<sonnet9> did you guys see the story about a Pit Bull who saved her owner from a burglar last
week?  I heard about it, but haven't seen the actual story.
<`addiemae> I didnt
<stone562> Do we often forum here?????
<Pass15> hey dawnmc do you know of any chats on rotteys
<DawnMC> Yes, sonnet, i heard about it but have not found it.
<FROM J_O_H_N_> get the URL?
<Pass15> ok thank you
<sonnet9> if you ever find the story on-line, please send me the URL
<DawnMC> None specifically on Rotties, but you can talk about Rotties here too  - all
"persecuted breeds" are topic tonight (but the folks here are mainly APBT folks)
<caden1> saw a storrie where a "pit" was shot and still saved his owner
<DawnMC> John, yeah, but the picture just comes up as a blank square
<sonnet9> yes, I think that's the one
<DawnMC> stone, we don't host a lot of chats here, but I'm hoping that changes
<APBT4ever> Dawn American Bulldogs are very popular around here, however people that don't
know the breed call them 'pit bulls'......this is causing great concern
<stone562> Ok Lets start again do we often forum here????
<DawnMC> Yes, I know. A Lot of breeds are, unfortunately, called PIT BULLS - unfortunate for
both the other breeds and our own PIT BULLS
<DawnMC> stone - we forum here once in a while but I'm hoping it turns more frequent
<DawnMC> room is always open, though
<APBT4ever> A 'pit' shot in defense of it's owner......not unusual for the breed in Australia one
was stabbed to defend her owner.
<stone562> Cool
<Pass15> i was annoied about the fact the news shows  a rott attacking when it turned out to be
a collie
<DawnMC> a collie?!!!!
<stone562> I'll save it in my favorite place folder!!!
<Pass15> you heard it right lassie
<DawnMC> I've seen some pretty outrageous dogs called PIT BULLS myself. LOL. Saw a news
story that said PB attack and it ended up being some type of long-haired dog
<sonnet9> it's infuriating how the media misleads everyone!!!
<APBT4ever> Rotties are really good dogs!  Don't let what happened to the APBT happen to
them!!!!  Defend them NOW from the media!!!!
<caden1> dogs are most often a reflection of there owner doesnt matter the breed
<APBT4ever> The media caught us off guard.....from the snowball effect to an avalanche (as Bill
<DawnMC> Yes, Caden, so true
<stone562> Or the rottie will face the same scorn our beloved APBT is facing
<Pass15> whats apbt
<sonnet9> I hope that in my lifetime that their reputation will be restored!!
<DawnMC> Of course, it's going to snowball from Pits and Rotties
<DawnMC> APBT = American Pit Bull Terrier or "Pit Bull"
<`addiemae> hi rd
<APBT4ever> American Pit Bull Terrier
<Pass15> thanks
<stone562> Thanks, Dawn!
<DawnMC> We gotta work hard together on that, Sonnet! :-)
<DawnMC> no problem stone :-)
<RDVALLEN> helo add
<sonnet9> I'm with 'ya sister!!!  :)
<DawnMC> Hello RDVALLEN!
<stone562> I rescued an APBT on Tuesday from some loalt hoods!
<caden1> staffordshire terrier I have one and never had a better dog
<DawnMC> Whew! my fingers can't keep up. LOL
<RDVALLEN> hello dawn
<DawnMC> Oh, Stone... tell us more
<stone562> I loce the staff!
<sonnet9> That's wonderful Stone!!!  How did you manage to get the dog from them?
<stone562> love!
<APBT4ever> There is so much bottled up.....We've never been able to organize....We needed a
site like this!!!!
<DawnMC> Amstaff or Staff Bull, caden?
<stone562> Well these punks were letting their tougher APBTs beat up on him
<DawnMC> Thanks, APBT!
<`addiemae> does anyone have urls to share of their dogs?
<stone562> So can with my guns drawn and took the dog away from them
<DawnMC> I took some new ones of Fitz
<caden1> Amstaff
<sonnet9> seriously?
<`addiemae> that's mine
<stone562> Yep!
<sonnet9> GOOD FOR YOU!!!
<sonnet9> I really admire you for taking action and saving the dear baby.  :)
<APBT4ever> Wow that's true love and courage!
<Pass15> ill be back later
<sonnet9> bye pass
<DawnMC> okay Pass!
<caden1> bye
<APBT4ever> Bye
<`addiemae> wow....fitz got big!
<ocpet> bye
<`addiemae> cya pass
<DawnMC> LOL. Tell me about it, Addie!!!
<APBT4ever> Yeah, Fitz is huge!!!
<APBT4ever> He also looks like the 'funny' dog type
<stone562> The dog was pretty torn up though!
<DawnMC> Well, not huge, huge --- *grin* Only about 50 lbs
<RDVALLEN> i think i im the wrong place  i have rottwielers
<DawnMC> Yep, he is all ham
<DawnMC> No, RDVALLEN, you're in the right place!
<sonnet9> it just breaks my heart that people can be so cruel to these sweet and loving
<sonnet9> I like Rotties too!
<APBT4ever> yeah, I exaggerated but from the little puppy to that new picture.....big step
<DawnMC> We're talking about persecuted breeds, which means pits and Rotties, mainly
<sonnet9> my friends have a 2 year old female named Venus.  She is so good with their baby
<stone562> and soon the AB if we aren't careful!!!
<DawnMC> I loaded Justin's page! what a pretty boy!
<DawnMC> Yes, in fact the AB is listed on some of the BS laws
<sonnet9> yes, city councils are going after Rotties too now  :(
<ocpet> Thanks :-)
<DawnMC> Yes, unfortunately
<caden1> soon akitas
<RDVALLEN> i love my rotts like i love my child
<sonnet9> how do you look at a URL without loosing the chat screen?  I'm afraid to get kicked off
<`addiemae> open a new window
<APBT4ever> O.k. my problem come with the fact that when they ask US what type of dogs we
own or take care of and we say American PIT BULL Terrier.....we get stuck with the TV/MEDIA
image.....not like the other cousins
<stone562> I own an AB and a APBT and would love to own an Staff
<`addiemae> are you using netscape?
<sonnet9> yes, netscape
<`addiemae> click file then new window
<DawnMC> In the obed. classes I take Fitz to, I'm always the only PB person, but there's a rottie
person there too :-) We're like comrades *grin*
<`addiemae> you will get a second window
<sonnet9> thank you!!
<`addiemae> good luck
<`addiemae> i am not sure you wont fall off this one... but its worth a shot
<stone562> Dawn, you are the CHAKO operator?
<DawnMC> Yes, i say PIT BULL when I really want the person to do a double take (often when
they're saying "Oh what a great dog! So gorgeous and well-behaved? What kind of dog is it?")
<ocpet> We need to get other dogs owners to see that if it can happen to our dogs it can happen
to their's too.
<DawnMC> That happened in Petsmart when this huge great dane was lunging at Fitz, and he
pretty much ignored the dog
<sonnet9> Dawn, I do the same thing because everyone loves Celeste, and I want them to know
she's a pit
<DawnMC> Lady who worked there came up gushing about how nice my dog was... asked me
what kind, so I told her and she said "Oh. Really?" Sorta backed off after that.
<DawnMC> Yes, Stone, I'm the Chako person :-)
<APBT4ever> That's typical of APBTs!  They usually don't pick the fights, but they're like magnets
for other dogs to challenge them!!!!
<RDVALLEN> my female just had 13 puppies 7 days ago
<`addiemae> congrats rd
<DawnMC> Wow! Congrats! You sound overun with pups LOL
<APBT4ever> Wow 13!
* `addiemae loves puppies
<ocpet> congratulations :-)
<DawnMC> Rottie pups are so adorable :-)
<APBT4ever> There must be a lot of love there
<DawnMC> Of course, so are PIT Pups :-)
<sonnet9> Ocpet, your Pit is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<ocpet> Thanks :-)
<sonnet9> I love Rotties heart shaped butts!  :)
<DawnMC> LOL!
<ocpet> He's my BIG baby.
<APBT4ever> I owned Rotties once, but they got stolen!
<stone562> Cool!
<RDVALLEN> this is her 2nd litter the first she had 14
<sonnet9> Pit pups are the most precious creatures!!!  :-)  I got my Celeste when she was 7
weeks old.
<DawnMC> My goodness, those are huge litters!
<`addiemae> hi yongbooda
<DawnMC> 7 weeks? tiny thing :-) Fitz was 8 when I got  him (maybe 9)

<APBT4ever> Pit pups will follow you around the house, sleep outside your bathroom door while
your taking a shower, never leave your side
<RDVALLEN> this is the last time because i have to bottle feed them
<DawnMC> and chew everything they can :-) Generally make themselves a pain in the rear *big
<ocpet> Justin was 5 weeks when I got him and he still thinks he's that little.
<`addiemae> ahhhh but what a pain!
<APBT4ever> They still do when they're older, but they get sneakier and are not as blunt LOL
<stone562> Funny but my AP<ocpet> I love that Puppy Eyes picture.
<APBT4ever> Has anyone had their dirty laudry broken into and found a beatiful 'I didn't do it face'
on top of it?
<sonnet9> Yes!!  Celeste loves stinky socks!  LOL
<caden1> along with peices of couch
<RDVALLEN> are you guys or girls on pc or web tv
<`addiemae> pc here
<sonnet9> pc
<APBT4ever> Sock?  I'm talking shirts, pants, sheets.... (not torn) just find them sleeping on it as
if nothing is wrong.
<caden1> but he pretty mouch sticks to golf balls now
<ocpet> LOL...Justin always looks guilty even when it's something my GS did.
<DawnMC> I've managed not to have the laundry as a casualty, but came home once and found
that Fitz had escaped his puppy room and torn completely through a phone book... straight down
the middle of the yellow pages
<DawnMC> I'm on a pc
<stone562> PC
<DawnMC> golf balls... wow!
<caden1> in about 5 minutesd
<ocpet> pc
<sonnet9> oh, I see, yes Celeste likes to lay on clothes, but she will also go in the closet and
pick out a dirty sock and start chewing on it and wanting to play tug-of-war with me
<APBT4ever> yeah, I've had the sock incident, but I guess he graduated to clothes
<caden1> gotta go, dinner time
<DawnMC> bye bye caden! glad you could join us
<APBT4ever> See ya
<stone562> I have 2 males that are so mannerly
<ocpet> Justin just recently started going into the bedroom & pulling down the covers to lay on
the bed with his head on the pillow. He thinks he's the man of the house
<RDVALLEN> where are
<`addiemae> the twins are in bed now

<sonnet9> sorry guys i got kicked off again
<`addiemae> rehi sonnet
<DawnMC> nice to have you back again sonnet! :-)
<`addiemae> molly usually has the pillows
<APBT4ever> That's great!  I just that I laugh so much with these dogs!  I actually put a rubber
band around the knobs of my closet.....He now knows to break the rubber band first and then get in.
<sonnet9> hideleeho neighborinos!  (voice of Ned Flanders)  :)
<sonnet9> Nice to see y'all again!
<RDVALLEN> oops where is everyone from
<APBT4ever> Hi sonnet
<sonnet9> Austin
<`addiemae> massachusetts

<stone562> NY
<ocpet> pennsylvania but moving to New jersey soon
<sonnet9> and you RD?
<APBT4ever> FL
<RDVALLEN> indiana
<stone562> Folks planning to attend the East Coast APBT show in May??
<`addiemae> hiya breakinstyx
<`addiemae> I am
<ocpet> hi breakinstyx
<`addiemae> the one in tewksbury mass
<APBT4ever> Don't know
<breakinstyx> Hi, I finally made it!
<APBT4ever> Hi
<DawnMC> nice to have you hear breakinstyx
<sonnet9> Dawn, have you tried contacting Montel or any talk show hosts?  Would they be
interested in Chako?  I think it would be interesting for them to do a show and have you bring some
dogs on stage and stuff
<stone562> In Long Island NY - Observing or participating?
<sonnet9> hello breakinstyx
<DawnMC> Yes, Sonnet, I have tried contacting lots of talk shows... but no response
<APBT4ever> Yeah, that's a good idea
<DawnMC> Now... maybe if they got LOTS of e-mails :-) *hint*
<sonnet9> i was afraid of that.... you'd think it would make a great show, but too much
controversy I guess
<APBT4ever> How about the cable channel Animal Planet
<sonnet9> SURE
<sonnet9> Animal Planet is a great idea!!!
<stone562> Lets barage them with email!!!!!!!!!!
<APBT4ever> Post it and we'll mail
<sonnet9> Let's do it!
<DawnMC> Of course, I can picture the nightmare it would turn out to be... with a "vicious pit bull"
attack story and a family on display.... YEs, i tried animal planet too :-)
<APBT4ever> I like paper mail, as you stated it counts a little more for some reason
<DawnMC> They did do a show on "skateboarding" pit bulls and their owners...
<APBT4ever> I saw it!
<stone562> hooray!
<ocpet> how did the apbt go from being a symbol of america to being a dirty word?
<DawnMC> Okay, I'll get the e-mail and postal addies and let you all know!
<stone562> Foolish owners and ill fated jerks!
<APBT4ever> Yeah, and you can take statistics and ask them which one of the many pit bull
breeds was it?
<sonnet9> I'm still waiting for Readers Digest to run a positive PB story.  I wrote them a seething
letter after the Weela incident and they actually replied.
<ocpet> What did they say?
<APBT4ever> Hey the e-mail campaign with fox worked....I have seen an improvement in their
<stone562> Dawn is Hershey still around??
<breakinstyx> Readers Digest is the worst piece of trash out there.
<DawnMC> Ann of the Staff Bull world went to a city council meeting when they were going to
ban pitbulls and showed pictures of 7 different breeds... asking which one was a Pit Bull... none
were APBTs, but many were identified as being so
<DawnMC> Hershey the sheltie? Petey's buddy? Yep!
<breakinstyx> They care nothing about anything except sensationalism..whatever the subject!
<stone562> Cool!
<sonnet9> they said that they were very sorry that I was upset and that they'd share my
suggestion with the editors
<stone562> What are folks feeding their dogs??
<DawnMC> I fluctuate btwn Science Diet and Eukanuba...
<`addiemae> nutros lite lamb n rice
<sonnet9> Nature's Recipe along with fresh meat sometimes, and healthy gormet peanut butter
<breakinstyx> Diamond here
<DawnMC> I know, it's not the best thing to go back and forth, but I usually mix them before
<APBT4ever> Friskie's Come and Get It for Dogs

<ocpet> maximum nutrition performance formula
<stone562> NY has a amendment on the books that states that no municipality can have a
breed specific ordinance
<APBT4ever> Hey do you know what I have to go through when they don't have it at the
Supermarket.....You do well by keeping two options
<DawnMC> Has anyone tried Cornucopia
<sonnet9> If you buy a 17 pound bag of Nature's Recipe you get a FREE video bout War Dogs....
I just got it today.  I hope they show Stubby!!!
<DawnMC> Really! But one NY community is trying to pass a BSL law... it's on the message
board and dogwach
<DawnMC> Stubby!
<APBT4ever> I found a picture of Stubby in one of the Web Sites....he's a small APBT
<DawnMC> You know, I'm making a page on HERO APBTs and Stubby is the first one. Gosh, I
want to find a picture of him!
<stone562> But many cities simply disobey the law!
<DawnMC> APBT4EVER - where is that stubby pic?
<sonnet9> Stone, that is great news!!!  What will NYC's mayor do now?   I HOPE they don't
reverse that decision
<sonnet9> I saw a pic of him somewhere....I'll try and remember
<sonnet9> BRB
<APBT4ever> I can't remember but he had all his medals on him....when I find it you will have it
<DawnMC> thanks APBT4EVER and thanks Sonnet
<stone562> Well this amendment went into effect 9/98 but I don't think most owners are aware!
<`addiemae> I think i know where to find it
<`addiemae> gimme a sec

<DawnMC> okay Addie! :-)
<DawnMC> stone, that's good info! I'll fwd it to dogwatch
<stone562> PLEASE
<APBT4ever> I also have the neutral poster pic.....It's basically the same WWI APBT on the site
you have but with the other dogs around it.
<DawnMC> I do have that one, but haven't put it up yet! :-)
<DawnMC> It's a great poster :-)
<`addiemae> try that
<sonnet9> I'm back
<`addiemae> I am not sure its the dog or not
<DawnMC> RDVALLEN, did you get here from DogWatch? I ask b/c we have a lot of Rottie folks

<APBT4ever> It's amazing how everything caught everyone off guard....
<DawnMC> I have that one on my web page, Addie. If it's stubby, great! :-)
<DawnMC> Yes, most people don't think about breed-spec leg until it hits home, APBT4EVER
<sonnet9> i think Stubby was black
<RDVALLEN> no im on web tv just serfing the chat rooms and "I LOVE DOG'S"
<DawnMC> ah!
<APBT4ever> Addie that's not Stubby, but I'll let you guys know.....he is dark with two colors on is
face (I think
<sonnet9> yes, i think it's black with a white stripe up the middle of the face
<`addiemae> I will look around
<DawnMC> I'm making a transcript of this chat - anyone object if I post it?
<APBT4ever> Something like that...he's not big nor very muscular, but boy those medals say a
lot of him
<APBT4ever> No
<`addiemae> ok with me
<sonnet9> Are you guys submitting your Pit pictures for Jillian Cline's new book?
<sonnet9> no problem, Dawn
<RDVALLEN> my aunt raises pb and she has had alot of problems with her neighbor"s they
eventook her to court over them
<DawnMC> I was going to, but got sidetracked with stuff... I really want one of her books, though
<sonnet9> the deadline is March 20, so you still have time
<DawnMC> Yes, when I first moved here from TX I had some probs when my neighbors saw
that I had a PB. They were afraid for their children
<breakinstyx> I've got a few of Da Pigman to send in. Gotta do some more.
<APBT4ever> If anyone lives around NY remember about the free spaying on Feb 23 (I think)
<sonnet9> My Mom gave me her APBT Speaks - Good dog! book, and it is wonderful!!
<DawnMC> thanks sonnet! I'll try to round some up :-)
<sonnet9> Great!!!
<`addiemae> thats a link to the rules for Jills book
<DawnMC> Thanks Addie
<APBT4ever> O.K. so do we agree to post up any anti-APBT media coverage and their e-mail
and regular mail address
<stone562> I'll be back in a moment got to check in with the AB chat!
<DawnMC> Yes APBT, I try to do that whenever it's brought to my attention. :-)
<DawnMC> Are you subscribed to our newsletter? I send a lot of notices out on that.
<APBT4ever> Can't
<sonnet9> we have to unite and write to them every single time it happens!
<DawnMC> I'll try to make a web page for it too
<APBT4ever> Thanks
<DawnMC> The most successful one I remember that was posted on the apbt-l was the
ADVANTAGE web ad with the negative mention of a "pit bull"
<sonnet9> Addiemae, your Molly and Maggie are so adorable!!!  I love the pic of them with little makes my eyes water, it's so touching!
<stone562> Which newsletter, Dawn???
<DawnMC> the newsletter on our home page    you enter your
e-mail for listbot and you're signed up!
<`addiemae> Thank you sonnet
<sonnet9> what was the Advantage ad?  What is that company so I can never get their products?
<`addiemae> I sent the one with maggie n thomas into Jillian
<sonnet9> those are perfect pics for her book!  I wish everyone could see them!!!!!!!!!!!!
<DawnMC> They had it from a dog's perspective saying how he had all these problems,
including the "new pit bull" that moved next door... when we all wrote into complain, they e-mailed us back
an apology and took it down promptly.
<APBT4ever> What ever happened to that guy that was running for congress and wanted to ban
'pit bulls'?
<DawnMC> Much better than other companies
<DawnMC> I don't know, APBT - guess he didn't win *snicker*
<sonnet9> Wow!!!!!  That is GREAT that they did that!!!  I'm shocked......
<APBT4ever> Serves him right....he should run on real issues
<sonnet9> He failed miserably!
<sonnet9> Kimble turned out to be a nutcase....he even sent pics of himself to Playgirl but got
rejected. HA
<DawnMC> LOL, sonnet!
<APBT4ever> Dawn, even though it's better than most other companies, they did wrong in
putting it up in the first place
<sonnet9> They withdrew the PB ban in Annapolis because of the uproar it caused!  :)
<sonnet9> Heee heeeeeeeee
<sonnet9> did you see Lucydog's web page and the POSITIVE pit bull ads she posted?
<DawnMC> Yes, they did... but we got their attention and I do try to support companies that are
responsive to our letters.
<DawnMC> If they correct it, of course
<DawnMC> that's great news sonnet
<sonnet9> I have one I just scanned I'm going to e-mail her, I'll EM it to you too Dawn
<DawnMC> thanks, Sonnet!!! :-)
<sonnet9> my pleasure!!!!!
<APBT4ever> Six months after a county passes a law banning 'pits', the State passes legislation
prohibiting banning breeds.  However the law was not retroactive (specifically stated)?  Isn't that
very unfair!
<DawnMC> yes, and very confusing legally, too
<sonnet9> sounds like typical politicians to me!
<sonnet9> I keep telling myself that one day karma will catch up to these people

<sonnet9> This Pit Bull hysteria is no different than the Salem witch hunts!
<APBT4ever> Man, even though those were human being, it's basis is the same IGNORANCE
<sbinkley> I am VERY new to wanting to help APBT, does anyone know of any bad legislation in
<DawnMC> true... so true.. OHIO has tons of bad legislation
<`addiemae> yikes!!!
<sonnet9> Pepper Pike Ohio
<sonnet9> they just declared Pits as vicious
<sbinkley> I'll have to start researching!!
<DawnMC> Ohio actually has state-wide restrictions on the breed
<sbinkley> Do they really???
<sonnet9> they have to be kept in pens with a wire across the top and a concrete bottom if they
are outdoor dogs.  This is cruel!
<DawnMC> I keep close tabs on it b/c we have a rescue dog placed there in a VERY, VERY good
<`addiemae> hi lis
<sonnet9> they also have to be muzzled if in public
<APBT4ever> sbinkley... the only thing I ask is that you remember that legislation is only part of
the problem.  There are many abandoned and abused dogs that need both monetary and
emotiional support
<DawnMC> yes, APBT4ever... and a lot of that is b/c of shelter policy, public hysteria, laws, etc.
<DawnMC> Hi LisAus
<sbinkley> Yes Yes I know!
<LisAus> Hi! Dawn MC , How are you this evenng
<sonnet9> the police chief and the mayor were for an all out ban, but some council members
had some sense.....  they are not banned,  but it's horrible that they are declared dangerous.  Oh,
and owners have to have $50,000 liability insurance
<APBT4ever> Dawn, I happen to think it's because of the fools that believe this is a human
aggressive dog and are unpleasantly surprised when they see that it's not
<DawnMC> I'm fine LisAus. You? :-)
<sonnet9> They think they are doing something GOOD for the community and to fight crime, but
they make things worse for law-abiding citizens
<sonnet9> gang members don't care what the law is, they'll keep on doing what they're doing
<DawnMC> Yes! All this public hysteria of Pit Bulls being nothing but vicious man-eaters is  a
BIG part of the problem, leading to all kinds of breed discrimination and unwanted dogs
<APBT4ever> That's another issue...the insurance, isn't it unfairly targeting a certain class of
<LisAus> I'm doing good, so what are we chatting about
<sonnet9>'s sooooooooooo incredibly sad
<DawnMC> Yes, and they ignore the law and use the dogs for the wrong things - adding to the
public hysteria
<sonnet9> hi LisAus, we are talking about Pit Bulls and laws against them  :(
<sonnet9> yep, they are the ones who should be in jail for animal cruelty
<DawnMC> LisAus we're chatting about "persecuted breeds" like Pit Bulls and Rotties and
Breed specific laws
<`addiemae> and how wonderful they are!
<LisAus> do you have a pitbulls
<sonnet9> Yes, that too of course!!  :)
<DawnMC> yep! of course :-)
<APBT4ever> LisAus we're talking about a wonderful breed that happens to be the most
abandoned and abused of all dog breeds
<sonnet9> LisAus, I have a beautiful Pit Bull who is named Celeste
<breakinstyx> Gotta go eat........later. Farmer
* `addiemae has twins.... maggien molly
<DawnMC> bye farmer!
<`addiemae> maggie n molly
<`addiemae> lol
<APBT4ever> LisAus have you ever owned or met one?
<sbinkley> I have a pit bull mix (possibly with some chow in her )  She is SWEET
<APBT4ever> Bye farmer
<`addiemae> later farmer
<sonnet9> Sbinkley: does she have a black tongue?
<sbinkley> Not completely black
<sonnet9> i bet she is cute!
<APBT4ever> Hey, I read somewhere that Chows have blue tongues
<`addiemae> they do
<sonnet9> BRB
<sbinkley> She is very cute!!!
<LisAus> Pitbulls are good dogs, I
<APBT4ever> Hey, for those that have owned other breeds, have you ever met a more child
friendly breed than the APBT?

<LisAus> I have AustralianShepherds

<sbinkley> My APBT (amy) absolutely loves children and all people!
<APBT4ever> LisAus.....they're wonderful, but they're so abused by both the media and not so
nice people
<sonnet9> Have you guys seen the Friends of Terriers website?
<APBT4ever> I have never seen a dog fly, until one day APBT heard his buddy (child) crying....he
cleared a huge obstacle in a minute and got to him in a flash
<DawnMC> yes, I believe I have sonnet
<LisAus> I believe its all in training and good socialization on the owners part and that can go for
any breed
<sonnet9> APBT4ever: wow, that's neat!!!
<APBT4ever> Very true LisAus
<DawnMC> Yes, LisAus... so true
<sonnet9> it's so nice to talk to other Pit lovers!!
<APBT4ever> Sonnet, you don't know half the true stories that I can tell
<LisAus> I've met more fresh rot
<sonnet9> I'd love to hear all of them.....please feel free to email me:
<LisAus> I've met more mean rotti's than pitbulls
<DawnMC> Yes, and if you have a "hero" story you want posted on the web page... let me know!
<sonnet9> we should chat like this more, especially when our spirits are down from dealing with
<DawnMC> Yes, I hope to host more chats
<ocpet> Here's a pic of Justin with 'his' kittens:
<DawnMC> Oooh! I'll look at that pic!
<DawnMC> CUTE!!!
<sonnet9> TOO PRECIOUS!!
<`addiemae> Awwwwwww
<sonnet9> they are such great snugglers!
<DawnMC> yes, they think they're lap dogs :-)
<ocpet> Those kittens would follow him everywhere and climb on him whenever he'd lay down.
<APBT4ever> APBTs are not barkers, once the APBT didn't stop barking.  In short, It was
because  7 year old child had openned the fence and gotten out of the yard.
<`addiemae> they are so intelligent
<ocpet> Here's his lap dog pic:
<DawnMC> brb - I'm trying to help my sister find us :-)
<LisAus> does anybody show dogs?
<DawnMC> I do, LisAus
<`addiemae> I couldnt get there carol
<LisAus> Do you show pitbulls
<DawnMC> *sigh* little sisters! *grin* Shall she make it... I can't wait to see.
<DawnMC> Yes, I show pit bulls :-)
<ocpet> It's on this page:
<APBT4ever> LisAus visit the Chako rescue Web Site
<APBT4ever> Sorry, it's Chako Rescue Association for the American Pit Bull Terrier
<ocpet> I don't show dogs but I want to try to go to some apbt shows this year.

<DawnMC> I have a lady who sent me picks of her two Search and Rescue pits - that's nice tos
<sonnet9> I'm so glad I got to talk with you guys and also to have some more APBT websites
bookmarded.  YEAH!
<sonnet9> NEAT!  I bet they are good at it!
<DawnMC> me too Sonnet. Glad you could come
<sonnet9> thanks Dawn. :)
<APBT4ever> Sonnet, remember they need you....take a proactive approach!
<`addiemae> nice eto meet you s<sonnet9> wow!!!  what a good dog
<sonnet9> good night guys!
<APBT4ever> He put the children above his fear
<APBT4ever> Bye
<APBT4ever> Bye
<APBT4ever> Dawn let's do this again sometime...I got to go HOMEWORK duty (I have to check
<DawnMC> Uggh! I have reading to do myself :-)
<`addiemae> laters kids
<DawnMC> bye bye addie :-)
<`addiemae> nice chattin with ya's
<`addiemae> :-)

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