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If you have a purebred APBT you'd like to place in our custody (whether the dog is your own or a stray), here's what you need to do: We realize that our procedures require a bit of time and money on your part, but caring for and placing these dogs is quite expensive, and, in order for us to remain in operation, we need these expenses covered. We take care of all other expenses, including microchipping, feeding, advertising, screening, etc. We have a veterinarian who provides us with a discount, so if you'd rather our vet performed the procedures, you can pay us in advance for the vet bill.

If you are shipping us the dog, the dog must be current on his/her shots before being shipped.

The costs from our vet are:
Shots (full set): $40
Spay/Neuter: $30-40
Heartworm test and preventative: $30

NOTE: Our kennels are currently filled to capacity. Due to the length of our waiting list for kennel space, we are not accepting anymore dogs. This is only temporary, until our waiting list is reduced. We are also in the process of creating field offices on both the east and west coasts to increase our capacity.

Please check our links for other rescues.