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Here I host Sentinel Chats, either episode chats or senfic author chats. You can access the chats several ways: via the web, using Java, or through IRC. To access the chat via IRC you would go the TalkCity server at and choose the #sentinel channel. For more information on connecting via irc or other similar methods, go to

Here is the chat room link:

Directions to join the TalkCity Chat via the web:
Once you click on the URL, enter your nickname. You do not have to be a talkcity member to enter the chat, just pick any nickname and ignore the password box. If, however, you end up choosing a nickname that belongs to a TalkCity member, you'll get an error message. Just go back and choose something else - something unique. There are three chat versions. Choose the WEB version if you want to avoid JAVA. Having Problems? Scroll to the end for tips!

Author Chats: Ask the authors questions about their stories, what gave them the ideas, why they write fanfiction, etc. This is an open forum, and the author makes the rules. Just be nice *grin*

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Sentinel Chat
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TalkCity Tips:
If your computer hates JAVA, try the WEB version. However, please note that this is a beta version (until it says otherwise on the talkcity chat page) and, as such, you may experience problems. If you get a message like: "Can't Find Room" just go back and try the LITE or PRO versions (require JAVA). If you can access IRC, that's another option (see instructions at top of this page). If you get a name-password error, that means you've chosen a name that a registered TalkCity member already has, so just go back and put in another name like Blair238483, or something that no one would ever use *grin* Ignore the password field. Sound Complicated? It isn't all that complicated. I've tried all the versions and they work, but sometimes computers and servers do weird things. *grin*