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The Blair "Angst" Fiction Page

Blair AngstHey, that wasn't the original dog in the park!

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Each story on this page is independent from the others unless otherwise stated. In other words, events in one story have no bearing on any other story. None of the fiction on this page involves SLASH or the death of any major character. I try to leave the SENTINEL universe intact as much as possible.  E-mail me.

Now a quick tidbit about myself (hey, everyone has an ego) *grin*. I live in Southern California. Received a BA from Mills in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Then I went to Texas A&M (talk about culture shock!) and received my M.S. in Medical Sciences (Medical Biochemistry and Genetics), and now I'm in the trenches of law school. I've completed a novel that I'm trying to get published, and, in my made-up spare time, I do work with American Pit Bull Terriers.

Each story is reviewed: four stars is the best story on this page and one star is the low end. The ratings are derived from a combination of my own opinion and reader feedback. If you disagree with a rating, send me an e-mail. Note: Constitution Series not rated.
  The Intrepid AnthroplogistSome humor. Blair torments Jim.
  Experimental RamblingsStream of consciousness writing. Blair angst.
  Visions Before DawnBlair has a disturbing dream.
  Mortal CombatJim and Blair in a stakeout gone wrong. Originally posted to SentinelAngst

A Quiet Weekend

Written by AngieT. This is the auction story that I won. My request was that Blair rescue Jim and Simon.

The Other Side of Reality

This is a stand-alone sequel to When the Mirror Looks Back. Jim and Blair must face some hard challenges as Blair struggles on the path of shamanism. Part 1   Part 2

Soul of Mine 

A true "science" fiction story that tugs on the heart strings. Sentinels are genetic, but are Guides? Can they be duplicated?
Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

In the Fell Clutch of Circumstance 

Alternate ending to "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg". Major spoilers. Not beta'd. 

Simon Says 

Another short snippet resulting from a challenge at the Napa Sentinel Party. Rated G (hey, I'm on an "s" kick. What can I say?)

Sweet Misery 

A short missing scene for Sweet Science. Rated PG.

Sleepy Blair 

A very short snippet. Rated G.


A Cypher Missing Scene/Epilogue story. Rated PG.

When the Mirror Looks Back 

Incacha's Shamanistic Legacy haunts Blair, forcing the young man to leave Jim's side to find his own Way. The events in this story follow the Fourth Season Finale. Part I    Part II


A short, smarm-laden piece: Jim, Blair, Simon, and Daryl are playing a game of water polo that turns sour.

Avenging Angel 

A sequel to the episode "Mirror Image." Chapel's back, and he's out for revenge! Part I   Part II

Black Cat 

Back by popular demand. This is a short Halloween story that was taken down in November. However, due to request, it's back up. Rated G. 

Mugshot of an Anthropologist 

A short missing scene from "The Girl Next Door," when Blair gets arrested. A touch of angst. A touch of humor.

Cherry Bombs 

An accidently drunken Blair gets involved in one of Simon's cases. Co-Authored with Hephaistos.

We the People... Except  Constitution Series

Blair becomes a victim of an extremely intrusive search.


Sandburg burns-out. Rated G.

Truth and Technicality  Constitution Series

Based on an actual Supreme Court Case. When a "technicality" known as the Fourth Amendment threatens to free a dangerous criminal, Blair becomes a casualty in the war between Truth and Justice.

Badge of Dishonor 

Spoilers for Season 4 finale! The way I'd *like* it to be based on the spoilers.

Causa Mortis 

A Sentinel Too Part 2 thingie, about 25K. 

In the Arms of Angels 

A tear-jerker. Blair may have found his father, a brilliant researcher at Stanford. How will Naomi react? Jim? LOTS and LOTS of smarm and angst. Heavy emotional story. Part I Part II

By the Gods, A Lone Wolf Cries  and a half

A Cross-over that turned out much better than I expected. Give this one a chance! It's a Sentinel-Xena-Herc crossover with lots of smarm and angst. Part I  Part II  Part III

A Momentary Lapse of Season 

The Auction Story won by Dana - an "angst-filled Christmas story" that has Jim's senses and sanity out-of-whack.

Fear-Based Responses Revised 

We just don't have enough "Sentinel Too" epilogues, so here's another one *grin* Heavy smarm and angst, minor "owies. 

Blind Man's Bluff   Not Rated

The Complete Episode about the drug Golden. It's written word-for-word, in standard prose format, with a missing scene added. Pictures included to supplement the scenes! Not Beta'd

A Glimpse of Agony 

A short piece of angst: Blair's world crumbles in one agonizing moment. Not Beta'd

Echoes of a Gunshot 

In response to a challenge: The reason for Blairís aversion to guns comes back to haunt him. What are the reasons and what has happened that bothers him so? Not Beta'd

The Heart of a Warrior 

Darn, I don't know how to describe this one. If I say "Blair finds another Blessed Protector" I'll be lynched *grin* I'll just say it's a "Doggie-Sue" story :-) Blair Angst and Owies in this one. Rated PG-13 for language and a bit of violence. Beta'd by Hephaistos

Dark Zone 

A zone-out gone bad, with a new twist: Blair gets hurt! *grin* Betcha never expected THAT from such an aptly-titled fiction page. :-) Not Beta'd

'Til Death 

Blair is kidnapped and presumed dead. That's all I can say without giving anything away. Not Beta'd

Whispers in the Night 

What could possibly possess Jim to turn against Blair? Not Beta'd

On the Edge of Forever 

Here it is! The Sentinel/Star Trek (original series) cross-over! It's long, that's all I'll say. Beta'd by Hephaistos
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

Cheating Death 

A weird piece. An attempt at humor. Some vile language, but no real violence. I apologize in advance. Not Beta'd


A Sentinel Too missing scene (not an epilogue). Not Beta'd

Trauma   Not Rated

This is a which-way adventure. It's an experimental story posting. I've stopped the story at a certain point and challenge you to pick it up and continue it. It starts out with Blair finding himself thrust in the middle of a serious situation. Anyone can participate, all you have to do is read and write, and then e-mail me your "continuation". Oh, and when you're finished reading a part (or path) don't forget to drop by here and check out the alternates! Some Beta'd, Some not

Trauma Story Path Tree: Go Here to read all the story continuations and the various paths. 

The Dentist's Chair 

This is an epilogue scene to Cypher. I wrote it to take a little break from On the Edge of Forever, which I hope to have finished in a few days! :-) Not Beta'd


Blair Angst. 'Nuff said? No? Okay, here goes: This story, which started out having a plot, is about the aftermath of a violent crime against Blair. Blair's memory of his ordeal is sketchy, and Jim and Simon help Sandburg reconstruct his memories and discover the truth about his ordeal. Not Beta'd
Part I  Part II  Part III

Too Close 

A missing scene from Love and Guns written in response to the missing scenes challenge at GuidePosts. Not Beta'd

The Rule of Law  Constitution Series

This is a little idea that came to me while I was studying my law casebook. It's a somewhat unoriginal "Blair gets arrested" bit that's based on two actual (absurd) legal cases. (Gee, I can sell my own stories, can't I? Actually admitting it's unoriginal! *grin*) Not Beta'd


This is an added scene for Smart Alec. It's a short piece posted in response to the challenge issued by the elves of Guideposts. This is REALLY my last piece for a few weeks (grin). Not Beta'd

Inside and Out 

Blair is framed for several Major Crimes, and Jim must struggle to clear his partner's name. There's lots of smarm and angst in this one, and I've rated it PG-13.

Thanks to Angie for beta-reading this for me. She pointed out an inconsistency that has been corrected. I'd also like to thank Sobra for contributing her critical eye.

This story contains minor spoilers for "Warriors" and "Blind Man's Bluff."
Part I   Part II  Part IIIEpilogue

A Touch of Sanity 

Blair is hospitalized with somewhat minor injuries, but soon ends up in the psych ward. Not Beta'd


This is a dark piece with violence and strong language. The Plot: After shooting someone in self-defense, Blair finds himself the target of an insane man bent on revenge. Not Beta'd
Part I   Part II   Part III

Random Acts of Tragedy 

This piece was inspired by a true story (no it didn't happen to me). Blair is involved in a car accident that results in the death of a family.  Not Beta'd

False Pretenses 

This is a sentinel-pretender cross-over, but in essence, it's a pure sentinel story with only a few brief Jarod scenes.

The PLOT: Yep! Another LASH story. A LASH copycat killer is on the loose in Cascade. The pretender angle? Jim, Blair, and Jarod discover that Lash was a pretender, as is the new killer, and now the killer's out to finish the job Lash left undone (yep, Blair is once again the target of a psycho). Not Beta'd
Part I  Part II

Age of Conspiracy 

This is an X-Files-Sentinel cross-over. It's a Sentinel story with Mulder and Scully as "guest" stars.

Please give me feedback! This my first piece and has not been beta-read. :-)

Summary: Blair and an ancient artifact are nabbed by Cancer Man, and Jim, Mulder, and Scully search to find him and get to the bottom of Cancer man's agenda. However, Cancer man seems more interested in Blair's sentinel work than in the mysterious artifact.
Part I  Part II

Fiction is posted regularly, so check back about once a week or so. :-)

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