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Badge of Dishonor

These are the spoilers circulating on the 'net about the season four finale:

Brief explanation of the spoilers: Naomi finds and reads Blair's "Sentinel" thesis and turns it into a friend of hers. It's published and Jim's secret is out! The media goes wild and the commissioner/mayor comes down on Simon for keeping it all a secret. Jim tell Simon he wants things the way they were before Sandburg. He wants to work alone. Simon says that might be "a good idea." Just then we see the ICEMAN on a rooftop across the way and he fires a bullet that misses Jim, but hits Simon. The bullet goes through Simon and hits Megan, missing Blair by inches.
Blair makes the ultimate sacrifice by going public and saying his thesis was all a fake. At the very end of the season finale, we see Simon hand Blair a badge. Blair says something about "not cutting" his hair. There's been talk by DB about possibly following Blair through parts of the academy in season five (if there is a season five, that is).

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